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 Date du message : 16/04/2005
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 rdv - petit FDU/Australia-Australie weekend ensemble a Ballarat

Je viens de passe un weekend formidable ici a ma ville avec des amis de Melbourne FDU et

Tout etait parfait - beaucoup de soleil, nous avons fait des choses touristiques autour de ma cite. Samedi soir, c\'etait un bon repas partager entres amis, et sur le dimanche, nous avons eu un bbq Aussie et jeu de petanque au lac pres d\'ici.

I\'ve just spent a wonderful weekend .....and for a change I didn\'t even have to leave my home to have it! Instead, I brought some friends here to me, from FDU-Australia-Australie Melbourne for the weekend. The occasion was a party on the Saturday night in my chambre d\'hote - the \'official opening\' of it to celebrate the end of constructions after many months, and besides being great company, my friends helped out by testing the accommodations & helping me edit my French on the draft of my first accommodation brochure.

My weekend began with my friends arrival in Ballarat at 12.30 on Saturday.

From there, we headed straight for Sovereign Hill, where at the Hope Bakery we bought authentic Aussie pies (cooked the old fashioned way in a wood fired oven)

And sat by the pond in the 1850\'s recreated township. Next stop: the lolly shop pour acheter des bon bons  et puis nous avons retourne a ma voiture pour aller a Ballarat Bird World while it was still bright and sunny and warm (later to return to Soverign Hill to see the rest of the park)

A Ballarat Bird World, les oiseaux etait en bonne forme - the huge yellow tailed black cockatoos and red tailed black cockatoos in their big cages were curious and willing to show off a bit for us. We moved on to the next long row of aviary cages, where one amusing parrot was imitating the ringing of a telephone with an outside the house ring (with quite some success! It really did sound amplified!). To my surprise, there were at least 5 or 6 different types of parrots who could - and did - speak to us.

One managed to make a metallic clanging sound (possibly an imitation of its metal feeding tray being dropped) and the most amusing one at all was one which called out for 5 minutes to us \"he-llo\" in the high pitched voice of a little girl - really incredible. I\'ve heard plenty of parrots speak before, but never with the perfect voice of a child.

It almost seemed a competition between the various birds to see who could do the craziest thing to attract our attention.

Next we moved on to the large walk in aviary (very large and almost as high as a 2 storey building) where birds inside were obviously very happy and had built many nests in the high trees which were inside the aviary. They even had their own little running waterfall over rocks to bathe in.

Back outside the walk through aviary, we paused at the bottom of the largest man made waterfall to throw fish food to the large trout in a nice pond containing lily pads and ducks.

Another picturesque spot for more photo opportunities.

Next we returned to Sovereign Hill to explore the rest of the park and watch some of the demonstrations, such as the gold smelting, where a $55,000 gold nugget, after being heated at about 1100 deg C to melt, was then poured into a tin like making a cake, and re-solidified back into a gold bar within minutes.

We then took the self guided tour through the Red Hill mine, complete with holographic images and mine sound effects.

After a quick trip to the Gold Museum before it closed at 5.20 to look at replica nuggets, watch an aboriginal video in one of the small auditoriums and see some other displays, it was time to do a little last shopping for the evening\'s party, and then drive to my home and chambre d\'hote, where the party was to be held.

We spent a fun evening together eating & drinking and talking & laughing.

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