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 Description : Un carnet pour vous faire découvir mon pays, je suis australienne et j'habite dans le Victoria. Conseils, infos, suivez mon carnet pour découvrir Oz par une aussie.

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 Date du message : 20/09/2005
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 Mildura - jour 2

Monday 19th: Mildura: AM: Swimming at the great 12 million dollar indoor and outdoor swimming pool complex (complete with gym, wave pool, spa, sauna, bibliotheque, bureau touristique & theatrettes.

Apres avoir nage dans la plus grand des 3 piscines indoor (doing laps), we spent quite some time lazing in the middle of the wave pool (which was turned off but still had a spa effect bubbling away nicely in the middle)

Pour dejeuner: met Paul in the tropical Mall, then from 1.50 – 4 pm Marcha and I took a steam driven paddlesteamer ride on the boat Melbourne on the Murray river.

Au debut, c\'etait ensoleille and we could sit up on top in the sun in the deck chair section and watch the scenery and house boats and other boats drift by, watch the many pelicans and other birds, but then the sun disappeared so we went below deck and checked out the café and little souvenir shop and watched the scenery from inside the boat, after admiring the workings of the steam engine.

Apres notre croisiere, drove back into the centre of the city and collected Paul.

We took a drive across the bridge across the murray into NSW, 30 kms north to the town of Wentworth, where Australia’s two greatest rivers, the Murray and the Darling meet.

Followed by a trip a few kms out of town au dunes de sable de Perry – an area of large red sand dunes quite unlike the surrounding countryside and more like the Simson desert than barely outback NSW….We were still in the Wentworth district in time to see a brilliant red couche de soleil over the salt bush and desert country,

We then drove back to Mildura where we cooked a dinner of Fish and Couscous at the Backpackers before Paul returned to his hotel and we relaxed for the rest of the evening.

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