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 Description : Un carnet pour vous faire découvir mon pays, je suis australienne et j'habite dans le Victoria. Conseils, infos, suivez mon carnet pour découvrir Oz par une aussie.

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 Kate's Aussie slang Chapter 2: les vetements et a propos des voitures


Shorts = They\'re your short trousers

= le short

Undies, underwear, under-dacks, jocks, boxers = underpants

= calecon

Runners, trainers, sand shoes = sport shoes

= chaussures de sport

Thongs = A type of flat shoe usually used for the beach - on the thong principle. (the underwear thong is still called that)

Jumper = Sweater, pullover, usually woollen (as opposed to windcheater below)

= pull (de laine)

Skivvy = Usually a thin long sleeved top with a round or fold down round neck collar = (chemise sans boutons)

Windcheater = Goes over top of the skivvy. Usually fluffyish material, polarfleece or tracksuit material/winterweight.

Slacks, pants = Trousers (long)

= pantalon

Dri-za-bone = It\'s a long, waterproof oilskin coat, usually brown, with a hood and sometimes zip off arms to turn it into a vest. An icon. Mostly used by farmers..

= un manteau typiquement Australien

Akubra = It\'s the Australian famous brimmed hat - not exactly like American Stetson, but rounder, and for the bushman

= le chapeau Australien de la brosse

Bushman\'s hat = Similar thing but the hat brim may be floppy and

softer leather, or you may have crocodile teeth sewn on leather around the rim, or snakeskin

Long Johns = Long, normally thermal underwear for guys

= calecon longue.


In the boot - is in the trunk or back storage compartment.

= le coffre

Dipstick = Can be a word for idiot, but mostly it\'s the long stick you check your car oil levels with.

Donuts = A: An edible donut. (un beignet)

B: doing circular skids with your car.

Burnouts - more skids, leaving a trail of smoke and burned rubber.

U-ie = A U Turn

= une demi tour

Bumper = A \'bumper crop\' is a good season\'s crop, but normal usage, is the front and back plastic parts of a car.

Bull Bar/Roo Bar - a big metal bar/frame on the front of your car to prevent some of the destruction if you hit a kangaroo.

A \'Shoo Roo\' = a device on the front of your car which emits sound at a higher frequency than the ear can hear and is supposed to scare animals away from your car before they crash into it.

The Stacker or Boot Stacker = your multiple disk car CD player.

To cut the engine = To turn off the engine

To step on the gas = To accelerate

Divvy van - = police divisional van (v. common)

= voiture de police (familier) \"camionnette de flics\"

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