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 Localisation : France
 Date du message : 05/06/2006
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 France voyage de Kate - Montpellier

Its now Day 16 of my 31 day tour of France........and I'm having a great time - mostly France is easily living up to my dreams, especially since we arrived in Montpellier on Sat 3rd with our friends Erick du site et sa femme Mary who live here and have been showing us around a lot of places and showing us a lot of the ¨real¨ France, like the food; cheese like Conte, Rochefort et chevre et des bons camemberts, regional specialties and highlights of their region, touristy as well as non touristy ones like the very interesting Roman ruins and old roman road near their home in St Christol yesterday morning - (mon June 5) - which was very interesting and quite deserted, with pretty pink fleurs des champs - wildflowers - growing in among some of the stones, and red poppies too which we have seen just about all over France, especially seen on railway sidings and tracks as train has been our method of transportion around France - except when we have been with friends.

Tot dans l'apres midi:  Nous vaons regarde un Course Camarguaise chez l'arene de Lunel.  Tres interessant, et mieux, le taureau n'est pas blesse - c'est un course d'une equipe des hommes (environ 8) contre le taureau (the guys have got to clip through threads of string tied to the bull's horns) and get chased around the arena in the meantime.

In the late afternoon we visited the seaside town of La Grande Motte - mostly everyone had left for the day by the time we got there at 7.15 pm apart from the fishermen and the 4 of us had a lovely picnic on the beach prepared by Mary including a local seafood specialty.  In the evening towards sunset we strolled the modern - only built in the last 30 years beach town with amusement rides and shops and a lot of restos on the esplanade


Tuesday June 6:  visited the old town of St Guilhelm le Desert late in the morning where we walked the narrow cobbled streets in the bright sunshine and 27 deg C temperatures.

Aperitifs back at Erick's place on the veranda with anchovies, olives, wine, nice crusty bread, salada biscuits; dip, and cassis and white wine for me, delicious. I really love this French alcohol.  Diner sur la terasse aussi.

Demain, Nimes.......



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