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 Date du message : 17/04/2005
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 FDU/Australia-Australie BBQ et Petanque au lac - pres de Ballarat

Dans le matin, by around 10 am everybody was up and arriving sur le balcon pour manger leur petit dejeuner.

We then had some free time before our BBQ lunch to explore my little town (Creswick, another historic gold town of Victoria which was once very rich, with millions of ounces of gold extracted between 1851 and about 1888).

We paid a visit to the site of Australasia Mine No 2, where in 1888, 22 miners lost their lives when they drowned in the depths of the mine, in Australia\'s worst gold mining disaster.

Next, a visit to Calembeen Park, the local swimming pool (more like a large pond) with triple diving tower and a walk around the 2 other small lakes there.

We collected some more supplies for the BBQ, picked up my husband Paul from home (where he\'d had to be practicing guitar for his new rock band all morning) and drove the 2 kms from my home to St George\'s Lake, where first we took a walk around its leafy walking track circuit (approx 2.5 kms).

It was a brilliantly blue day, nice and warm (around 22 degrees) and the lake was looking at its best. So lucky!

We found that one of the free gas BBQs at the picnic area was out of gas, so decided to use another quite close by....which after 5 minutes also ran out of gas, which was annoying. In the end, we salvaged our BBQ by sending my husband home to collect a gas camping stove, which we used with fryingpans to cook our meal.

After we\'d eaten just about as much as we could, it was time for our little Aussies Vs Frenchies petanque competition, which was most enjoyable and lasted for about 2 1/2 hours (a great way to spend such a sunny afternoon at the edge of the lake, where there just happened to be a perfect little strip of flat gravel.

Several other groups of people came along while we were either eating lunch or playing petanque, but when they too discovered the BBQs were out of gas, they didn\'t linger, which left the whole lake almost all to ourselves, apart from half a dozen foolhardy people who came along to swim at the lake\'s edge in front of us (must have been freeeeezing!)

Le lac aujourd\'hui etait tres pittoresque, meme si par living in this town I\'ve visited it hundreds of time before.... it\'s always nicer when you\'ve got great company to share it with.

We had a few practice throws first to get used to the surface, and Paul quite early on decided that his game wasn\'t going to be against Fred, whose technique he thought looked rather good, so he elected to play Guillaume instead. At first it looked like Paul (with only 3 weeks experience at the game) would be the winner against the more experienced Guillaume, but Guillaume faught back strongly and near the end, there was only one point the difference, which Paul managed to win.

Next, it was the girls turn, myself Vs Nolwenn, and though I had the lead a few times, on the day she was the stronger player and I was defeated.

Paul had to leave then, leaving the 4 of us remaining to play doubles, so it then became a case of Fred and I (Switzerland & Australia) vs France - Nolwenn & Guillaume.

For the first half of the game, I didn\'t think I was playing as well as I should be, and I felt like Fred was all that was standing between us and defeat. We opened up a several point lead, but Nolwenn and Guillaume managed to fight back, and then pass us by 2 or 3 points, taking the score up to about 11 (we were playing to 13) and really putting the pressure on.... Fred was having a bit of bad luck at trying to smash Guillaume\'s boules away from very close to the cochinet........but my game had fortunately started to improve, and I got in some shots I didn\'t think would happen so I still thought we had a chance....though a slim one... and I wasn\'t giving up.

We were trailing 12 - 11, and under pressure, but managed to get the just a few centimetres in a move that had to be very carefully measured (see the huddle photo) and then we were even and ready to go for the final point, which, amazingly, we managed to get on our first throw (so Fred could drop his remaining 2 boules at his feet), and win the game.

A very close game indeed, with very worthy opponents!

Time to return to my place and sit and relax for a little while on the chambre d\'hote balcon with a drink while watching the perroquets dans le jardin below us, before, sadly as all good things must come to an end, Fred, Nolwenn & Guillaume had to leave to return to Melbourne.

But, my motto is if you enjoy something once, you can always try it again, so another game like this sometime, somewhere in the spring could be something to look forward to......

Photos soon!


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Par Fred

le 23/04/2005 à 13:12:34


great writing ... i do like it a lot !!

also nice pictures ... i've picked a few ones for my personal collection :-)
But once again, thank you soooooooooo much for this perfect WE. I really enjoyed (and Guillaume like Nolwenn too) my time with you and Paul ... and am looking forward to the BBQ at Brighton.


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le 27/04/2005 à 05:44:13

Merci pour ton visite a mon carnet, Fred!

Now to visit yours....


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