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 Backpacker city: Mildura part 2: attractions a voir

The river Murray is an attraction in itself, providing plenty of water activities - at Mildura Wharf, boat cruises by day (and night) on historic paddlesteamers (a little like on the Mississippi river) houseboat hire, fishing, boating, water skiing....

It's an easy place to see plenty of Pelicans fishing up and down the river, and at night you can see possums in palm trees in the main street.
C'est aussi une ville tres populaire pour aller a la peche. The large introduced fish pest called "Carp" is very common (pet food - not nice to eat) and is a danger to the local Murray Cod (which IS good eating and can grow up to 40 kgs in size if left free for enough years!)

There's always something happening in the city- the region hosts more than 300 community, regional, state, national and international events each year (in 2004 this included the World Hot Air Ballooning Championships for 9 days).

Hot Air Ballooning is quite big in the city, with tourism operator Camerons ( offering dawn balloon flights.


Woodsies Gem Shop - featuring one of the largest mazes in Australia, a cave setting gem and crystal display, over 6000 pieces of jewellery in the gift shop, over 30 different types of gemstones. Each day there are free cutting, grinding and polishing displays of gemstones.

Gol Gol Yabbie & fish farm,

Art galleries featuring glass, pottery, woodcrafts and more.

Other Sports: 4WD bike tours, bushwalking, golf courses, other sporting clubs.

Kings Billabong wildlife reserve with many different types of birds.

Perry Sandhills - large sand dunes thousands of years old, located at nearby Wentworth.

Wineries, Orange World.

One of the more unusual attractions is the Aussie BBQ boat (p20) - a boat you can hire on the river, fully equipped , to have BBQ party's onboard with groupes of friends, family or colleagues.

In and around the city there are plenty of clubs and taverns, and bars & pubs in the city.

Several fun parks - par exemple 'Snakes N Ladders' with its 50 mt slide, flying foxes, playground, and an unusual museum display: a dinkum dunny display (collection of outback outdoor toilets) and even a dunny themed mini golf.
There's another fun centre with dodgem cars and other rides, a Go Kart centre, and an Equestrian centre,

The city has its multicultural aspects ( what seems to be a considerable Turkish community, plus some asian restaurants, one mexican, and others) but overall has an Australian feel to it.

Perched on the edge of the desert as it is, it is only a short distance to the famous Mungo National Park (100 kms) where the oldest finds of aboriginal bones (the famous Mungo Man) were found.
It's an excellent place to visit to learn more about Aboriginal culture.
If you don't have your own car, there are guided 4WD tours (one with an aboriginal guide, like Harry Nanya Tours which regularly visit Mungo and other local destinations.

Not far (3 hours by car) to Broken Hill, a famous silver mining and art city in the desert.

Excellent facilities in Mildura:

There've been times when I've spent the entire day just in the one place/centre, and not run out of things to do

If you check in at the library early in the day, you can pre-book 1 hour of free Internet access for yourself, then just come back later in the day to use it.
If you don't pre-book, you have to wait and only get about 15 mins for free.
It's a great service, and one that libraries in many regional towns and cities offer.

Plenty of backpackers/herberges des jeunesse dans la ville & on the edges of town (some with vineyards & work on site)

My personal favorite is Stopover, more of a group accommodation centre. They are a little discerning since their facilities are all brand new, but they do take quiet backpackers.
Out the back they have a little tropical courtyard with large above-ground pool - c'est formidable. We had our own room with own tv & just shared bathroom facilities for only $40 a night. Backpacker rate is about $20 and I think they have discount for a week's stay.

Sites web utiles:
Mildura Rural City council site:

photos bientot.... ;-)

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