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 Date du message : 25/11/2005
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 A-Ateam soiree Melbourne: Downunder Vendredi

Friday November 25, 2005. Melbourne A-A team soiree « Downunder vendredi » (version francais a suivre)

Programme: rdv 1: 1115, cafe des gauffres.

rdv 2: 1600, cafe des gauffres

rdv 3: Pub, duke of Wellington, 5.30 - 6.45

rdv 4: resto East Gate, Sydney Road, Brunswick (a 20 mins en train de la cite)

Marcha and I caught the 9.10 bus to Melbourne and arrived at around 10.30.

Caught a tram up to Swanston Street and then walked down to Flinders St Station.

Very hot day, very humid even at that time of the morning. Not normal for Melbourne in November! (More like March weather...)

We soon arrived at the waffle café, 2nd last time for Marcha. Were there about ½ an hour and met 1 new French person, Julien, who just happened to be there at the time. Valerie from the forums also dropped by and spent some time with us.

After that, Marcha and I visited the Vic market, as she\'d never seen it, starting with the deli section where we admired the cheese of \"The French shop

\" stalls and tried a few free samples at other little shops.

Next, souvenir section with everything else, where we spent another 2 hours, before returning to the deli and buying some ingredients to make a gourmet lunch to eat in the courtyard.

So hot on the way back toward Flinders Street station, that we went into Melb central indoor shopping centre just to keep cool, as it was at least air conditioned. Got to watch the Melb Central australian clock spectacle in action at 3 pm, then went and shared a coffee milkshake in the food court upstairs at a juice/milkshake/food outlet which looked directly down on the street with people passing and a great view of the State library in Swanston Street.

The day passed pleasantly (apart from the heat) and we didn’t have to rush at all, even though there were many rdv\'s scheduled.

When we returned to the pub at 4.05 pm, Marc was working away as usual, and Julien was back again - just the same scene as we had left that morning!

It was very very hot, at least 30 degrees and very high humidity, so we didn’t intend to stay long at the café (especially as we didn\'t know if anybody else would come to meet us)

but we got a nice surprise: after about 15 mins, Wosho, BG and Nad and a couple of others, en groupe,

We hung around the café chatting for a while, but it was quite noisy and so hot so I was eager to go to the pub 45 mins early for our rendezvous there.

It didn’t take much to convince the others too, and we were on our way.

We stood around at the bar at the Duke of Wellington for a little while, then went and sat down at a table to chat in the almost empty bistro out the back. I just wandered out to the bar every once in a while after 5.30 to look for any stray lost Frenchies looking for us…and found some, including a group of girls.

The group grew some more.

(Nobody had really confirmed for the pub, just for the dinner, so I didn’t know how many of us there would be…. but in the end there were about 15 of us!

Wosho kept everybody amused…. Some of the humour I understood.

I was most amused by his impersonations of Aussie accents (mort de rire, actuellement)…not having realized some of us sounded that bad or indistinct, and was very glad I don’t have a ‘real’ aussie accent by any means, but more a slight New Zealand accent or ‘correct’ Australian accent, which doesn\'t use much slang and seemed to be appreciated by the group! (Mostly everybody spoke in French anyway and I just tried to understand as much as I could).

The girls also had some interesting stories to tell about their journeys and arrival in Melbourne, Alix and Alex having only arrived from Sydney that morning.

At 6.45 about 15 of us set off together for the big Xmas tree at Fed Square where I was to meet Berengere, an au pair who didn’t know the city yet or know where Flinders St station was… we found her quite quickly, as she called me on my mobile phone and I could see her calling, right in front of me :-)

We took a pic of our group so far, under the tree of the group, then continued on back to the station..

We passed a whole group of hundreds of bike riders, who were stopping traffic in Flinders st for a bit of a protest at peak hour traffic time.

They didn’t look like protesters, some were dressed up, had little bike trailers, and just looked like they were out for a nice ride together!

After a few minutes, they were all gone again.

Arrive at the station with just 5 mins to spare, and some of the group still needed train tickets, so slight delay there. Tried to gather everybody together again on the other side of the turnstile, with just Julien almost getting left behind. Then we all crammed into the lift down to the platform, where we made our train to Upfield with about 2 mins to spare…whew! Lucky...

We all sat together down the back of one carriage, and took up almoth half of it. That’s a good convoy!

Kept track of the stops on my map for Brunswick so I wouldn’t get us lost. Remembered it was the stop after Jewel station, so we were fine.

Off the train, we had to turn left at the exit, did that. Crossed the train line at the pedestrian walkway across the tracks, with a train coming along a fair way down the line, and the crossing lights hadn’t started yet.

¾ of us made it, and 1 person at the back ended up stuck for a couple of mins just inside the final pedestrian gate, as they swing shut automatically when the boom gate for cars goes down. No danger at all, she just couldn’t go forward or back. 2 others were stuck behind the first barrier, but soon the train passed and we were on our way again. Passed by the Noise Bar en route, remembering the gig there with Azio in July.

3 mins later, at 7.30, right on schedule, reached the restaurant, where Alban and his wife Nadege were waiting outside, the first to arrive.

Once our group settled into the circular tables down the back of the resto, each set for 6, there was only about 1 ½ more tables left to fill (I guess we occupied about ¾ of the restaurant in the end, but nobody really else apart from the staff were in there during the evening…so it was like the resto was all ours really. :-)

Others filtered in during the next hour and took their places.

I had made enough name cards for almost everybody to keep on the table in front of them, which proved very useful, as most people on the tables were strangers to each other, with only about 9 people in total being ‘regulars’ or having been to previous soirees (a lot of new Working Holiday Visa arrivals to Melbourne were there).

Fred was last of all to arrive, at nearly 9 pm, but had sent me a text message saying he was stuck in bad traffic.

The food was great, and plenty of it (I managed to eat a little of all 6 courses, entree and rice) and the ambience was really good - even better at small tables than the 2 huge ones we had last time in July, I think.

Everybody was really nice, and we could have space to move around between them to chat to others, not crammed at all. There was even a convenient \'back door\' for the smokers to go out, and a bit of a breeze so it wasn\'t too unbearably hot in the resto.

At 11.15, they wanted to close the restaurant, so the 1/2 of us still left made our way back outside.

Great! I can\'t wait for the next one! If anybody wants to know, I think it will be Feb or March (at least the next BIG one) for the arrival of a good friend...Ozman!

Photo 2: Fred (centre) et des autres.

3: Kate, Fred & JC

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Par steeve

le 27/11/2005 à 16:44:00

hi Kate !!! how are you doing ? I have seen the pics with the Red tailed black cockatoo, it's amazing. When I went to paris last week , there were petshops with galahs , great crested sulphur cockatoos , eclectus parrots .....and I thought about australia . I think that I live only for australian parrots and I know that I will live to oz later . Can you tell me how do for living in OZ. This is my email :
I hope to hear from you soon.
See ya.

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