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 Date du message : 30/11/2005
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Visite par Redhill (Stephane) a Ballarat pour une semaine. (still much more to write about this....stay tuned it will be a long page!)

Stephane etait notre \'woofer\' (il a nous aider dans le jardin contre le logement) et il etait aussi notre invitee pour une semaine.

Stephane et moi, nous avons fait les taches du jardin ensemble (plus sociale & moins ennuyeuse comme ca) et mon mari a fait la cuisine au fin des journees.

Nous avons aussi pris le temps de faire des promenades ensemble a Creswick et visites a Ballarat.... but like with so many guests, I wished for longer and ran out of time au fin a faire et voire des choses touristiques de plus.

It was the most pleasant week that I\'ve ever passed in my own garden! (Usually I\'m not a fan of working in the garden but now I must say it looks quite beautiful and I\'m often admiring it.... a change from ignoring the mess it was before and not even wanting to look at it ;-)

I learned you can only trick yourself so far... and my lack of interest in the garden was mainly due to the fact there was too much work to be done for me to be able to enjoy the garden itself, and too much pain involved for my back to get the job done by myself in a reasonable amount of time with other work I had to do as well.

Journal: Stephane est arrivee Mardi Dec 30, un bon jour pour arrivee car il y a toujours le \'soiree frenchie\' les mardis - cette soiree ci chez Eureka pizza a Ballarat... mes amis were very happy to have another \'real Frenchie\' alog (we only have 2 of those in the group, les autre 12 sont des Aussies)

….Stephane scored a lot of the left over wine, which was just being left behind. We left the restaurant with him clinking about 5 bottles, minus their corks. Managed to get all home safely…told him Paul would be his best friend when he saw all those, and I wasn’t far wrong!

Jeudi Dec1 : Dans l\'apres midi j\'ai du travailler pour l\'apres midi dans le nouveau bureau de tourism a Sovereign Hill, so Stephane there and spent a bit of time with him before I had to leave to work. On a visiter le superb boulangerie la bas (Hope Bakery) pour dejeuner.

Plus tard a Creswick ....visite au mine Australasia No 2, just before sunset…but alas it wasn’t spectacular this time.

Samedi Dec 3: visite au jardins Botaniques et lac de Wendouree, quite a cool, grey day and photos didn’t come out too well.

Sun dec 4: Visite au Ballarat Bird World, et puis I took Stephane along to the Mt Buninyong fire tower, for panoramic views over Ballarat, never intending to actually go up it myself, as I\'m terrified of heights......though I\'ve often wondered how good the view is up there...but climb it I did....

After the climb…… Just after having returned with a lot of relief to terra firma, I was rather confused with myself and wondering just how Stephane had managed to get me all the way to the top when I had never before even imagined myself being able to make it to the top (which usually means I won’t achieve something if I can’t achieve a mental picture of having done it).

Some time later, I decided that what did it must have been a combination of Stephane’s logic and very patient, quiet encouragement… after I told him I was afraid of steps with gaps in, he simply pointed out logically that when standing on them, you couldn’t see through (which I’d never noticed before) and encouraged me to go up 2 landings, at least… which then became another one…and another one (little ‘step by step’ goals like this are really the way I get things done best…but I’d never tried it with heights before) until I found myself actually only 4 or 5 steps from the very top, wondering how I got there, absolutely terrified, petrified, but with Stephane patiently encouraging me to take the last few steps (without that encouragement too, I would definitely have stopped right there and gone no further)

Most of the time I was up at the top of the tower, I was just really wishing I was not up there. Once back on the ground, I was too relieved to feel any satisfaction. It wasn’t till quite some time later, hours really, that I began to appreciate that I’d climbed so much higher than I’d ever climbed before…. Also under difficult conditions, (as it was very windy at the top, which just made me swear more to myself and hold the top rail even tighter.) My biggest fear on the way up was a full blown panic attack (in company no less) and becoming ‘frozen’ – unable to move up or down, just stuck… but somehow that surprisingly didn’t happen either. I didn’t know if I could trust somebody I hardly knew to look after me like that… but found I could. I think it’s the first time like that I’ve let somebody else’s bravery (it’s how I see it, brave) support me when I didn’t have enough of my own….and in the end, there was some part of me that didn’t want to be a ‘chicken’ (trop peur) any more.

Previous to this Tower, I’ve only gone up lighthouses, all with internal staircases with no gaps, and nowhere near as scary – pushing myself, I could manage to get up those ones ok.

Still, in some ways, 2 years ago, the first time I organised a dinner evening with unknown Frenchies from (and there were only 3 of them compared to the soirees of 30 that I organise these days) I felt in some ways quite a similar panic at the beginning….the “oh my god, what have I done!!!” thing and yet I was still on the ground!!!!

NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTION should be to do the tower again… very soon in 2006, maybe take Paul with me for support this time and hope he can succeed, even though he\'s not patient and doesn\'t understand fear....….it has to be on a blue day that’s not windy…where my next goal would be to actually let go the railing long enough to get out my camera and take a photo of the view, which I didn’t quite appreciate enough last time in my sheer terror ;-)

Apres ca, une autre petit visite au lac de Wendouree (ou il y avait du soleil cett fois) et puis retour a la maison ou j\'ai du charger mes affaires pour le jour suivante (mon voyage en Nouvelle Zelande)

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Par RedhillinOz

le 14/02/2006 à 02:34:32

Hello Kate and Paul

Well I didn't realise you had a blog too ( :
What a surprise to see me on your blog ... I will remember the Tower day for a long while ... I really had fun "helping" you overcoming your "fear" ... everything is in our mind ... You did it and I am proud of you ( : I'll send you the panorama as soon as I get my pictures sorted out.

Next step is going to be skydiving ( : ... I did it at lake Taupo, and even if I don't fear the void, those 3 seconds hanging to the plane just before jumping (12000 feet) did appear quite long to me ( : (coming soon in my blog) But what an adrenaline burst ! I really wish you will do it one day ... Awsome it was !

Give my regards to Paul

Thanks for the great time I had with you guys !

See you soon in Europe


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Par Kristine

le 21/03/2008 à 12:19:51


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Par Alfred

le 04/04/2008 à 21:34:50

Abbiamo cento.

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Par Polly

le 09/04/2008 à 12:53:31

Del dice.

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Par Mike

le 11/04/2008 à 16:08:46

Aveva peru secondo stata qualche anatomia umana, quando.

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Par Simon

le 13/04/2008 à 01:35:31

Città dalle berlusconi sempre chamonix, tre ma principesse disney.

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Par Argus

le 14/05/2008 à 02:06:26

Senza fare casa karaoke sua italiana canzone, ad società ex de longhi città climatizzatore, giorno presidente se cosa di bergamo eco.

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