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 Description : Un carnet pour vous faire découvir mon pays, je suis australienne et j'habite dans le Victoria. Conseils, infos, suivez mon carnet pour découvrir Oz par une aussie.

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 Date du message : 15/10/2005
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Page précédente Page suivante Retour liste messages Imprimer Rdv ENORME a Melbourne!

Salut tout le monde, d\'abord, le version anglais, et plus du version francais a suivre lorsque j\'aurai du temps....

Fantastic rdv! With more participants than I could have dreamed!

The soiree was in 2 parts: 16.00: meet at Duke of Wellington Pub

Part 2: Dinner afterwards.... somewhere for those still with the group.

I arrived at 4 pm at the pub and couldn\'t see anybody who could be a \'lost Frenchie\' in the pub...but then I\'d forgotten it was Caulfield Cup day (the 2nd most famous horse race in Australia after the Melbourne Cup in November) and the pub was full of Aussies standing around every available tv screen, watching the main big race.... but fortunately after a few minutes the shouts grew quiet and people started moving around and out of the pub.... more room for our eventual Frenchie group!

at 16.10, still nobody, though when I took my mobile phone out of my bag (with its distinctive French flag colours) Hobs found me, and we chatted a few minutes before one of the Frenchies from the last waffle cafe meeting found me and said there were some Frenchies outside.

At one of the entrances to the pub, about 10 Frenchies had already gathered, along with Adrienne, a correspondant of another A-A friend still in France (I recognised her easily from the photo I\'d seen on email). We joined the group for a while, then headed into the pub where by now there was a large free corner by the door, which we took over.... and within 1 hour, filled completely!

It was almost overwhelming...more and more Frenchies kept coming, some who were expected and on the \'guest list\' and others who hadn\'t replied but managed to turn up anyway, like Pierrick and Vanessa.

Je suis arrive au pub a 16.00 et j\'ai pas pu voir des possible francais/es perdus....juste beaucoup et beaucoup des aussies en train de regarder le \"Caulfield Cup\" (celebre course de cheval en Australie).

Apres le \'big race\' des aussies a commence a sortir, et j\'ai continuer de chercher des francais (*Christian: une prochaine fois, nous aurons grand besoin des casquettes avec A-A logo, pour trouver les autres! ;-) LOL)

Apres avoir sorti mon mobile (avec un cover \'bleu, blanc, rouge\' comme le drapeaux francais, Hobs a me trouver et nous avons parler ensemble pour un peu de temps, avant qu\'un autre francais a nous trouver et a dit qu\'il y avait des autres francais hors de la pub (par la porte) - donc, nous avons trouver 10 francais de plus et l\'autre Australienne du groupe, Adrienne (une amie d\'un ami en france)

Apres un 1/4 heure, nous avons retourne dans le pub et ont trouve un coin libre pour parler ensemble.

Quelle soiree enorme! A 18.30/19.00, il y avait presque 40 francophones dans notre coin du pub!

Beaucoup des gens prevu sur la liste des invitees, mais aussi des autres de plus, comme Fabien-Alsace, avec qui j\'ai echange des emails a propos de Grand Prix de moto il y a quelques mois. Quelle surprise!

J\'ai rdv avec Karma aussi, avec qui jai echange un email ou deux - il a vient d\'arrive ce matin la de la France! Bon effort de nous joindre apres le decalage horaire!, et de plus, il a reste avec nous pour le reste de soiree aussi :-)

Beaucoup des accents different a essayer a comprendre dans le pub (sans succes pour la plupart mais j\'ai aime le rdv enormement quand meme)

Il y avait quelques gens qui a regulierement assiste a nos soirees du website, (comme Fred, avec sa copine Anna qui a rendezvous avec nous pour la premiere fois, Andrew et Christelle, Gpt1plon, et quelques gens du 2 derniers rdvs, comme Claire et Alex et Meridian, Le Cubitus, Bastox avec sa copine Miotte (Marie).... et tout le monde d\'autre etait des gens nouveax .... beaucoup des Frenchies, 2 Aussies, au moins 3 Swiss, une belge, et vers le fin du soiree au pub, 2 filles Quebecoises aussi

Some stayed for the whole time, others had to leave when we decided to leave and look for some dinner somewhere (19:00)

Marcha m\'as aide par demander au gens si ils/elles sont libre pour sortir avec nous pour le diner ..... I had no idea we would end up with a \'convoy\' of about 23 people for dinner, but we did! I thought it would be so tricky to find a restaurant that could take all of us together, but after about 10 minutes walking, we found an almost empty Sushi Bar in Flinders Lane s\'appelle Sushi Sushi where we could all fit at one long table...excellent!

Heureusement (as raw fish isn\'t my thing!) there was lots to choose from apart from Sushi. Many of us (myself included) had the $6.90 meal deal, which consisted of rice or noodles with up to 2 main dishes from the bain marie.

For that price, it was quite tasty, and filling.

We spent till about 8.30 pm there eating and sitting around talking (I had a girl from Quebec beside me and several other very different French accents close to me, and within minutes, my French was gone for the rest of the dinner..... I just caught words here and there, but no more of the conversation....though luckily some of my French came back when we left the restaurant and headed off in convoy again (still all of us together) to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow pub in Bourke Street, which was somebody\'s idea.

It was crowded there - both downstairs and upstairs, but we could have a few drinks and stand around. There was a band setting up but unfortunately I had to leave at about 9.30 before it started, as my brother was in the area and offered me a ride back to his place in Footscray (where I was staying overnight before catching the bus back to Ballarat the next day).

A wonderful evening, and I got to chat with so many people... mostly in French if I could, though I didn\'t get to meet everybody in such a large group, which is a bit of a time!

Had a nice conversation with Marie, the partner of Bastox, who turns out to live 5 kms from Cuers and Toulon, where my good friend Ozman lives!

Also chatted away with Fabien_Alsace, who I hadn\'t expected to see there at all (though I knew he was coming to Melb. at this time as I\'d been emailing with him some time back). Also chatted to Karma back at the pub, who had only arrived from France that morning! That\'s dedication and a good effort to come along! :-)

Can\'t wait for the next time... in fact I\'m planning it already, and it will take much more organising this time as it\'s only weeks away from Christmas, and many restaurants will be full...

Should be Friday November 19, ou le 26....a confirmer

a rdv in 3 parts this time (pas juste pour noel, mais pour le depart de mon etudiante d\'echange, Marcha, qui va retourne en Belgique bientot).

Part 1: rdv au cafe des gauffres dans l\'apres midi

Part 2: rdv au pub Duke of Wellington, Flinders St (particulierement pour les gens qui ne peuvent pas venir au Part 3)

Part 3: Resto formidable (East Gate REstaurant - Chinois) a Brunswick que quelques de notre groupe a decouvert deja il y a quelques mois au dernier diner francais du website

Stay tuned! De plus bientot....

Les gens dans le photo du groupe du pub: A gauche - A droite:

1: Mag (Asteroide), ? ? ? front: Marcha, Kate, Anna, Fred (bleu/rouge), Gpt1plon et sa femme Nadege, Fabien-Alsace et Christelle (FDU)

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Par kuiper25

le 16/10/2005 à 18:04:30

hi, how 'r u ? fine as i can see ... LOL
fortunely there is a lot of party such as this one ...this is certailely the most interesting thing it's could be the meeting !!

so u'll see all the rest of the aa-teams in your country !! fantastic .. probably more i'll can see in my case... for sure.

yes , i have overheard about Marie from the south ...and talked with him one time back as you if you remember well by the way ....perhaps

see ya kate .

and go ahead

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Par isabelle

le 17/10/2005 à 21:38:47

hello kate,

how are you ?
Et bien dis moi, tu en as eu du joli monde pour ce rendez-vous, bientôt tu vas faire plus de monde que nous...

dommage que tu ne sois pas là pour les g'day sunday du 4 décembre, cela s'annonce aussi "tu tonnerre" cela fait chaud au coeur de voir tout ce monde rassemblé grâce au site... et à toi.

merci à toi ! Peut être nous verrons nous un jour, en France ou en Oz !

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Par kuiper25

le 22/10/2005 à 22:46:08

hep kate tu nous manque LOOOOL sisi

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