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 Date du message : 06/01/2006
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Visite au volcan de Mount Buninyong pour monter la tour.... c\'etait un de mes \'new year resolutions\' de monter la tour \'some time in 2006\' pour la 2eme fois car j\'ai vraiment peur des la tour est 7 ou 8 flights des escaliers..pas si haut...mais tres tres haut pour moi!

J\'ai reuissi! I swore a bit.... shrieked a bit...stopped 7 or 8 times on the way up, but I made it using just my own courage cette fois (what little I had of it) though the girls were there to support me and offer a hand for the last part.....which I didn\'t take.... and I managed to take photos to prove my climb cette fois....

I wish I could say that the 2nd time etait vachement plus facile....mais c\'est pas le cas. This time it was a premeditated climb and I\'d had from the night before to stress a bit about it......

I still had plenty of self doubts on the way up \"Did you really think you could do this one as a New Year\'s Resolution?\" \"Too late to go back now.... but can\'t go forward either\".....\"what if I just take a few more steps?\"

\"Am I really half way after all that?\" \"Maybe I might make it to the 2nd last landing\"....what if I count the last 8 steps....aha! I made\'s the wind blowing strongly again, very scary..... and if I walk just a bit to the other side of the platform and look OUT but not down...maybe I can even get photo evidence of my climb ;-)

The difference this time is that once I got to the top, I did feel some sense of achievement, and the way down was much more relaxed and less stressful. By the time I reached the ground, I was almost \'normal\' again....though with a sudden urge for icecream to celebrate with...

On the drive back down the volcan, nous avons vu quelquechose en train de promenader in front of us sur la route......looked like a dog at first...mais c\'etait, en fait, un koala!

The 3 of us jumped out of the car, I left the doors open and the engine running (and the hazard flashing lights on) and we walked quickly after the koala.... and though he continued walking quickly, he stopped several times either at a tree or to sit down, which allowed us to admire him and take very close photos...before he walked on some more down the hill (still along the road) and had gone too far from the car apres 10 minutes and we had to go back.

Ah, notre koala sauvage...Il etait si mignon.... It\'s been over 15 years since I\'ve last seen a koala dans la nature si proche que ca! A very special treat for me too.

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le 07/01/2006 à 11:59:51

My dream came true thanks to you !!!!
TA !
See you soon in France
Take care,


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Par kuiper25

le 07/01/2006 à 13:06:44

TRés joli photos ! alors la kate , je crois que tu ne pouvais pas faire mieux pour k-ro je pense LOOL

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